jeudi 8 septembre 2016

NYFW Review - Yeezy season 4

Hey Lovelies ! 

Its fashion week season YAY ! I'm going to do reviews on fashion weeks. Yesterday (wednesday september 7th 2016) was the yeezy season 4 show, which caused a bit of a drama. We all know Kanye lovessss the attention and to be different, and yesterday def was an attention seeking show. The location of the show wasn't officially release until a few hours before the show, and shuttle buses were running to bring people there because it was at the Roosevelt freedom park and it isn't in the center of NYC. When people got there, you could see models standing in his underwear line which is cool, until they were waiting and standing for hours. I'm not a personal fan on Kanye himself, and this situation made me feel more upset about him. Make girls stand in the sun for hours when it's 85 degress without providing any medical assistance or even water? SELFISH. Just having those models there for a little bit before the show would've made the impact that he wanted enough. Now he just looks bad to the eye of all fashion editors (if you look up reviews, they're horrible). anyway, his collection isn't much different than his previous, he says he wants to make pieces that will be timeless, which is fine. I feel like people like his clothes just because it's Kanye West, because if it would be target or something cheap people wouldn't care I feel. They're overpriced, but I would def wear some of his pieces.

Here's some of my fav looks!

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