vendredi 28 septembre 2012

My tattoos....

i wanted to share my tattoos to you guys, cause i love seeing other people's ones :)

First one i got about a year ago..

if it's meant to be, it will be

At first, it didn't hurt. In fact, it tickled a bit!!
    but when he drew on my ribs, OMG. that hurt.
       It took about 45-50mins to make ! the pain is
          not that bad i'd say. It's tolerable!

My second one i got about 5 months ago....

Peace Faith Trust

This one didn't hurt ! The only thing that bothered me was  
when the guy tattooed me, he kept touching a nerve with the 
needle that made my right leg move haha ! it was weird...
it also took about 45-50min to make :)

That's my tattoos for now, i want to have others but i'm not 100% sure of what i want so i wait :) To be honest, tattoos are like a drug, the more you get the more you want ! The 2 i have for now, i REALLY love them. like i'm in love, and i do not regret them at all! Those quotes really mean a lot for me so yeah ! Anyways, tattoos are personal so idc if you don't like them haha :)

Thanks lovelies
xoxo Roxie

jeudi 27 septembre 2012

Outfits Of The Day...

So to start my blog, i decided to put a few outfits that i wore in the past couple of weeks ! 

Shoes: $15 ardene, Leggings: $20 ardene, Top: $20 (i think) H&M
lips:  Rouge Rivoli $40 Chanel

First one is probably one of my fav thing at the moment!
 i LOVE no sleeves shirts buttoned to the top and i love
 to tuck the front in my high waisted pants ! 


top: $10 (i think) Garage Skirt: 10$ Stiches
top: $10 (i think) Skirt: $30 Simons Necklace: $15 Aldo
Maxi Skirts were (and still are) a huge trend this summer! 
i think they are really flattering, because they make you look taller.
i love to wear mines with those cute tops (they are cropped by the way!) 
you can wear them with a simple camis or a large shirt that you tuck it in the skirt! 

Top (same as the other outfit) Leather Jacket: $40 Stiches                                              
Jeans: $25 H&M
Top: $10 H&M Jeans (same as the other)

i love those kind of tops where they have absolutly no sleeves! (because they show my tattoo haha) i love to wear them with my favs high waisted jeans! High waisted jeans will always be my favorite things. Now, i can't wear normal jeans haha! i love to wear them with a simple tank top, simple but effective!! 

That's it for today :) hope you liked it ! if you have any questions,
suggestions or anything, ask me :)
Thanks lovelies.
xoxo Roxie

mercredi 26 septembre 2012

Finally decided to start a Fashion blog...

Hello people :)

If you read this it is probably because you know me, and you know how much i wanted to start a fashion blog... if you don't Hi my name is Roxie and i'm obsessed with fashion :) If you wanna know more about me, keep reading this, if you already know my whole story, skip this part and go down a bit.... So. i am 19 years old, almost 20 and i live in Quebec city, so yes i do speak french fluently! I am currently studying here in Quebec, but next year i am planning on moving to Toronto and study fashion! i'm super stocked about this :D I can discribe myself as a shy girl that shows her real personality in her clothes! i do not like normality, it's too.... normal haha! i love to be original in my clothes and i love showing it! That's mostly me, but you will probably know me better the more my blog gets bigger....

this is my face if you were wondering...

so, MY blog. ma baby fashion blog. I will try to update it everyday but if i can't i will at least update 5times a week :) i'm warning you, i love OOTD (outfit of the day) so you will see my face a lot! But i will also post some wish list, talk about trends what's new favs things and stuff ! i will probably make some tags if i find some interesting ones.. i will also make random posts haha! :) 

so that's it for my first post... hope you will enjoy my blog and don't be shy to ask me questions :) 
you can follow my twitter if you want to @Roxaane_D !

thanks lovelies
xoxo Roxie.