mercredi 21 septembre 2016

crocs ?????

So london fashion week just finished, and some designer went crayyy.... Christopher Kane teamed up with crocs (yes you read it right, CROCS) to make them "high fashion". i mean, it def was different, not sure if I'm into it though. I'm all for being out of the box in fashion but crocs, really? And apparently they will retail for 150$ in crocs store, you'd be crazy to pay that amount of money for basically a water shoe.
While market details have yet to be finalized, Crocs estimates that the clogs will retail for more than $150. In contrast, the average Crocs clog retails for about $35. The Kane editions will be sold with its custom Jibbitz included and the designer’s insignia stamped on each ankle strap. They will be retailed through “a very select list of stores that Christopher Kane current distributes to,” said Poole, and will not be sold in Crocs’ own stores - Lucy Thornley, Crocs vice president of women’s and kids product. (source Dlisted)
I mean, they were def cuter than the basic crocs. I liked the gemstones attached on them, if I have to find something to like....

and the marble effect if cool too, marble is trending right now so it was a good way to make them appear more fashionable.

Anyway, I would never pay that much money for a croc :) let me know what you think !!

mardi 20 septembre 2016

LFW review - Topshop & Versace

Hey lovelies ! :)

Today I'm going to review 2 designers from the London Fashion Week. Fashion week is the best time to look for inspo and motivation!

First, Versus Versace. Donatella slayyyyyed me with this collection. it's fantastic. Of course Bella Hadid was opening, she really has the look to go with the badass outfit she was wearing. Again, glitters/sparkles, mesh& yellows were still trending (from NYFW) Also, she used a lot of leather& denim. Loved the denim on denim look (below) !

Then Topshop Unique. This collection was like the business women goes wild haha. Classy looks with an edge by using the bold magenta or an oversized jacket. Floral, mesh, satin & yellow were still there as well as leather. 

lundi 19 septembre 2016

EMMYs 2016 Best Dressed

Hey Lovelies !

here are my favs looks from the emmys this year !

Loved the sparkles and the long dresses. Very glamorous and sexy :)

NYFW trends for SS17

Hey Lovelies !
new york fashion week is now over, and it is important to look for the biggest trends for inspiration. Here are 10 trends for this RTW season.

mardi 13 septembre 2016

NYFW review - DKNY, Phillip Lim, Rag & Bone

Hey Lovelies !

Today I'm going to review 3 designers! It's soooo hard to pick because there were so many good ones but I chose to review those because I felt like I would actually were the looks below. trends that I've noticed for the spring 2017 season - Floral prints, athletics/sporty looks& silk.

First, DKNY. Can we talk about Bella Hadid for a sec? She was SLAYING the opening. I love the Hadid sisters, but I feel like Bella is the one who has more of a runway look. I'm obsessed with those boots!!!! And the dark lips was a good choice.

Second, Phillip Lim. Lots of denim, silk and floral prints. Loved the catwalk that was covered in flowers to go with the theme. Sexy with the bralettes showing yet casual and trendy.

Last, Rag & Bone. the first look is perfect. Love the silk slip dress, a really important trend to note. again, silk silk silk silk all over again ! Add a bomber jacket and a track suit and you're good to go.

lundi 12 septembre 2016

NYFW review - Alexander Wang

Hey Lovelies ! 

Here's my review on the alexander wang spring 2017 RTW. I loved the strappy themed he had going on, loved the colours and vintage look he went for ! Wasn't a big fan of the "natural" look the model had, IDK, for a runway it's nice to see different and innovating makeup looks. But still liked the overall show! Here are some of my favourites looks

jeudi 8 septembre 2016

NYFW Review - Yeezy season 4

Hey Lovelies ! 

Its fashion week season YAY ! I'm going to do reviews on fashion weeks. Yesterday (wednesday september 7th 2016) was the yeezy season 4 show, which caused a bit of a drama. We all know Kanye lovessss the attention and to be different, and yesterday def was an attention seeking show. The location of the show wasn't officially release until a few hours before the show, and shuttle buses were running to bring people there because it was at the Roosevelt freedom park and it isn't in the center of NYC. When people got there, you could see models standing in his underwear line which is cool, until they were waiting and standing for hours. I'm not a personal fan on Kanye himself, and this situation made me feel more upset about him. Make girls stand in the sun for hours when it's 85 degress without providing any medical assistance or even water? SELFISH. Just having those models there for a little bit before the show would've made the impact that he wanted enough. Now he just looks bad to the eye of all fashion editors (if you look up reviews, they're horrible). anyway, his collection isn't much different than his previous, he says he wants to make pieces that will be timeless, which is fine. I feel like people like his clothes just because it's Kanye West, because if it would be target or something cheap people wouldn't care I feel. They're overpriced, but I would def wear some of his pieces.

Here's some of my fav looks!