mardi 20 septembre 2016

LFW review - Topshop & Versace

Hey lovelies ! :)

Today I'm going to review 2 designers from the London Fashion Week. Fashion week is the best time to look for inspo and motivation!

First, Versus Versace. Donatella slayyyyyed me with this collection. it's fantastic. Of course Bella Hadid was opening, she really has the look to go with the badass outfit she was wearing. Again, glitters/sparkles, mesh& yellows were still trending (from NYFW) Also, she used a lot of leather& denim. Loved the denim on denim look (below) !

Then Topshop Unique. This collection was like the business women goes wild haha. Classy looks with an edge by using the bold magenta or an oversized jacket. Floral, mesh, satin & yellow were still there as well as leather. 

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