mercredi 21 septembre 2016

crocs ?????

So london fashion week just finished, and some designer went crayyy.... Christopher Kane teamed up with crocs (yes you read it right, CROCS) to make them "high fashion". i mean, it def was different, not sure if I'm into it though. I'm all for being out of the box in fashion but crocs, really? And apparently they will retail for 150$ in crocs store, you'd be crazy to pay that amount of money for basically a water shoe.
While market details have yet to be finalized, Crocs estimates that the clogs will retail for more than $150. In contrast, the average Crocs clog retails for about $35. The Kane editions will be sold with its custom Jibbitz included and the designer’s insignia stamped on each ankle strap. They will be retailed through “a very select list of stores that Christopher Kane current distributes to,” said Poole, and will not be sold in Crocs’ own stores - Lucy Thornley, Crocs vice president of women’s and kids product. (source Dlisted)
I mean, they were def cuter than the basic crocs. I liked the gemstones attached on them, if I have to find something to like....

and the marble effect if cool too, marble is trending right now so it was a good way to make them appear more fashionable.

Anyway, I would never pay that much money for a croc :) let me know what you think !!

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