jeudi 27 septembre 2012

Outfits Of The Day...

So to start my blog, i decided to put a few outfits that i wore in the past couple of weeks ! 

Shoes: $15 ardene, Leggings: $20 ardene, Top: $20 (i think) H&M
lips:  Rouge Rivoli $40 Chanel

First one is probably one of my fav thing at the moment!
 i LOVE no sleeves shirts buttoned to the top and i love
 to tuck the front in my high waisted pants ! 


top: $10 (i think) Garage Skirt: 10$ Stiches
top: $10 (i think) Skirt: $30 Simons Necklace: $15 Aldo
Maxi Skirts were (and still are) a huge trend this summer! 
i think they are really flattering, because they make you look taller.
i love to wear mines with those cute tops (they are cropped by the way!) 
you can wear them with a simple camis or a large shirt that you tuck it in the skirt! 

Top (same as the other outfit) Leather Jacket: $40 Stiches                                              
Jeans: $25 H&M
Top: $10 H&M Jeans (same as the other)

i love those kind of tops where they have absolutly no sleeves! (because they show my tattoo haha) i love to wear them with my favs high waisted jeans! High waisted jeans will always be my favorite things. Now, i can't wear normal jeans haha! i love to wear them with a simple tank top, simple but effective!! 

That's it for today :) hope you liked it ! if you have any questions,
suggestions or anything, ask me :)
Thanks lovelies.
xoxo Roxie

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