lundi 24 octobre 2016

What cleared my skin

Hey lovelies !

Today, I'm going to talk about how I cleared my skin from acne. Since I was young, about 11-12 years old, I was dealing with acne. It was never severe but it was pretty heavy on my face and body. When i was 13, I got prescribe the pill to help the acne, it worked a little bit. In high school I was wearing foundation to try to cover everything but wasn't really taking my makeup off every night. I was using cetaphile cleanser and moisturizer. Tried all the acne creams possible and almost when on accutane but I wasn't ready to deal with the side effects. When I was 15 i was diagnosed with poly-cystic ovaries syndrome which unbalances your hormones like crazy. I started to get treated for that with a drug and also the pill and it really helped. My acne was gone on my body and was less intense on my face. So i was wearing less make up which also helped. Getting to college i was now dealing with acne scars and still some acne but smaller pimples. this year (2016) my resolution was to get clear skin. Started to take my makeup off every night, wash my face 2x a day and actually put good stuff on my skin. Here are the products  I've tried so far, what worked and what didn't.
From high end products to drugstore and cheaper alternatives.


la neige - hydration trial kit $38.00

Went to sephora and asked the girl for something to help with acne& scars with sensitive skin. suggested this.... WORST. broke me out bad. the fragrance in it did not go well on my skin. but thankfully it was cheap & sephora do returns ;)

caudalie - Vinoperfect Cell Renewal Night Cream $65.00

Said to brighten& detoxify skin. I've heard caudalie products are really good, but my skin didn't like this one. It broke me out again so I returned it.

ole henriksen - 3 little Wonders mini $30.00

This was really a little wonder. Brightened my skin and made it even. the truth serum is amazing ! Bought the sheer transformation full size after but the rest was too expensive for me and the small size don't last very long. But it works if you have the money !


andalou naturals clementines + C illuminating toner 10.99

on vitacost for some proteins, ended in the beauty section...
This stuff is AMAZING. My skin was so bright and even. This stuff is cheap and you get SO much. I've had it for about 6months and its about 3/4 done. Love it and it's full of great ingredients for your skin. Switch to using mostly natural stuff and it really helps.

now foods dark spot serum - $11.99

This was great too. in conjunction with the toner, i'd say i got rid of 90% of my acne scars. It takes a long time and patience though. This was also so affordable and full of good ingredients. That's why i love shopping on vitacost. I won't go back to other places if i can find it on there !

pure organic rosehip oil (any brand does)

rosehip oil is amazing. you can basically find it in any health store. prices vary but there are a few on vitacost for $5. as long as it says pure & organic. I use it at night on top of everything or whenever my skin feels dry. It's a smelly and orangy oil but its not too thick and greasy on your skin. very moisturizing and helps scars and fine lines.

andalou natural purple carrots + c night cream $19.99

this broke me out :( and unfortunately you can't return from canada on vitacost.... i thought i would love it because its the same line as the toner but something in there didn't work for me. it's hard sometimes to pinpoint what ingredient breaks you out so i just stopped using it.

To take my makeup off i use the garnier miscellar water (pink) and to cleanse i use either to spectro gel or cetaphile because they're gentle and take the extra makeup off. I also use the garnier 3 in 1 exfoliator and the indian clay mask once a week or so. 

hope this helps :) 

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