lundi 3 octobre 2016

SS17 fashion shows - Highlights

Fashion week is soon coming to an end, and I wanted to highlight some trends and some of my favourite looks from europeen fashion weeks. It goes sooooo fast, couldn't keep up with the blog post BUT I still have a review.

Some trends we were seeing again were mesh, athletic looks, oversized tops/jackets, bralettes, florals, leather. We've been also seeing a lot of flatforms, jugle fever (animal prints), big puffy sleeves reminding of pirates, feathers accents. Everything is extravagant.

 Here are some of my favourites looks.

I also wanted to separate Balmain because IT WAS LIFEEEE. those looks were everything. olivier rousteing really did the MOST for this collection. Love everything about it TBH. The silk, the mesh, the booooobs, the earthy colours, the shininess, looove. I picked a few but I wish I could just put everything on here haha. look it up tho

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