mardi 4 octobre 2016

Chanel SS17 - Data Center show


Everyone who knows me, knows how obsessed i am with Chanel and how I dream of walking on one of Karl Lagerfeld's runway.. one day..... Today was the well anticipated show for spring/summer 17 at the Grand Palais in Paris. Every year we know Karl makes something big; either really extravagant like bringing a glacier in the venue (f/w 2010) or shocking and saying a message like the feminist protest (ss 15). This year, he made a statement about where our world and the future is going - Robots and computers. The show was set up like a data center with wires and boxes computer like and it started with 2 robots a mix of daft punk and star wars like.

The looks were Chanel appropriate with the tweed suits with a twist, worn with baseball caps and bright colours. He had a set with some flowy dresses multi-coloured and a set of chic lingerie like lace dresses. Everything was very 90s and still, no high heels for the models. But pretty happy that he kept some of the Chanel trademarks like the tweed and the navy/pale pink colours.

For the futuristic design, he made the classic Chanel Bags LIGHT UP. yup. How cool is that??

here are some of my favourite looks !

anyway, Karl nailed it like usual !

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