dimanche 21 octobre 2012

print trend

Probably my favorite trend right now..... leopard print!! i LOVE it. when i say it's a trend, i mean it's a trend accessorie! Wear it, but not a lot. just a bit in your outfit, or if you wear a top or pants with the print wear something really simple.

Here are some things you could wear, simple but effective!
- First: Flats or shoes leopard printed. with an all black outfit it's perfect !
- Second: jewels. as it's a bit subtle, you can wear it with whatever you want, it adds a lot to your outfit!
- third: a cute dress. i love this one, it's simple but perfect ! the chiffon leveled bottom is nice :) with cute heels it's a perfect outfit to go for a dinner date or a girls night :)
- forth: leggings, they are awesome to be honest ! with a black top it's perfect
- fifth: a bag ! it's pretty much like the jewels, you can style it with tons of outfits :)

here are some of my leopard printed things i have :)

 thanks lovelies :)
xox roxie

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