mercredi 10 octobre 2012

Fall essentials/favorites...

Hey lovelies :) today i decided to do a fall essentials or the thing i like for this season ! It's getting more and more cold outside so it means summer is gone....

The trend right now is burgundy color! i loooooooooove it :) so you can buy everything you want in that color and it will look 10x cooler! also studs are really trendy and you know  that's my fav thing in the world.

1- The first item i think is really needed this season is a plaid flannel. it adds so much to an outfit and it also keeps you warm without wearing a coat. You can buy one non plaid too ! It's really easy to find, either in thrift store or in a popular one like forever 21 or h&m !

2- The second one is a beanie. you need something to keep your head warm so this is perfect. you can keep it for winter too if you buy one with a bigger fabric. it is also easy to find, in like american apparel or sports store where they sell things for winter haha! 
--for people that do not really like beanie, or like me, it doesn't fit you well, you can always wear a bowler hat or whichever hat you want ! 

3- An item that's really important is a scarf. you can buy an infinite one, which is for me better. i like them, they add a lot to an outfit and keeps you warm at the same time. In americal apparel, they have some perfect ones ! they are a bit pricey but the fabric and quality is awesome !! but for cheaper ones, you can go in h&m or like aldo, they have some great ones too :)

4- i love glasses, even if it's not summer, sun is still there !! and round glasses are my favorites. they are so cute and fits everybody, cause you can have small one! i found mines at h&m but i think a lot of stores like topshop etc sells them.

5- a leather jeacket, what's better than that? nothing. the one on the picture as studs which is perfect, but you can buy a simple black one! What's cool with leather jackets is that they are in many colors and they can have a hood so if it rains or snows a bit, it's awesome ! and they are pretty easy to find.... like everywhere!

6- Those are perfect. Disco pants !! but if you can't afford them, like me lol, you can buy any leggings! i prefer high waisted ones, but normals are good. You can wear them with many things, but make sure your butt is covered ;) what i love with those is that they keep you warm but they are still not too warm, so in fall it's perfect if you don't wanna wear jeans ! 
-- tips: if you still wanna wear your shorts from this summer, you can wear tights underneath or put some knee socks ! 

7- last but not least, boots ! i love the doc martens ones but any boots in that style is perfect ! i wear them all the time to be honest, but in fall it's the weather that fits the most with them, cause like summer you wear shorts and some people don't like wearing boots with shorts, and in winter snow can dommage them but if you put some protection spray everything will be ok i promise haha ! Aldo have some great ones, they have some with studs on it which is beautiful.

that's it :) if you have any questions, don't be shy and comment ! 
thanks lovelies,
xoxo Roxie.

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