dimanche 21 octobre 2012

How to style...

Hello loves :) today i decided to make a 'how to style' post. As it is fall and it's getting cold out, we sometimes think we can't wear our maxi skirts. But no, you can :) You simply wear a sweater and tuck it in, and if it's really cold and your skirt is not that see-through, you can put leggings underneath ! Style it with you favorite boots and a scarf and you'll be as warm as if you had jeans !!

i styled my lace maxi skirt with a simple beige sweater and tuck it in!
my skirt is from Simons and was $30, the top is from
my local thrift store and was $4 ! :)

Here are some other ways to style it with different sweater and skirts :)

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xoxo Roxie

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