jeudi 24 novembre 2016

trends for f/w 16

hey lovelies ! here is a few trends for this season and how to style them. Article inspired by WGSN.

Pleated midi skirt -  pleats and bodre fabrics adding structure to styles. Metallics, Lurex and mesh drive a Gucci-inspired air across retailers. Paired with bomber jackets or oversized band hoodies and fur. sneakers or boots depending on the weather. You can either dress it up or down depending on the top you chose !

Embroidery accents - Embroidery originally emerged from Gucci. Usually seen on denim, now retailers are taking a step up and putting them on literally anything: blouse, hoodies, skirts, you name it. Mostly floral/nature inspired embroidery remain the focus.  

with the embroidery come the back details. patches and embroidery focused to the back or the top. With statements or brand names. 

vintage tees - it continues to be important for retailers, but now using different sillouhettes and styling details. Rock band tees are taking most of the place in this category. Mostly on dark grey or black bases adding a boyish edge to the outfits.

metallics - obviously the holiday season is here so shine is the focus. Gold and silver are most important here but retailers put their own twist on the shiny. It's seen on dresses. bodysuits, skirts, anything! 

hem details - We saw hem details first from denim cut at the end. But now retailers are taking a turn and adding step hem, pompoms and different silhouettes. 

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