lundi 21 novembre 2016

AMA's 2016 best dressed

Hey lovelies !

Another award show, another crazy night for all fashionistas trying to find the best and worst dressed. Here are my favorites for the night.

Ariana Grande - Always rocking the poney tail and simple outfits. love the lace top: its a big trend for 2016-2017.

Hailee Steinfeld - Love the romper look with the glitter. you can never go wrong with lots of sparkles especially on a red carpet!

Teyana Taylor - sexy yet sophisticated dress with the bare shoulders and the lace.

Rachel Platten - Like i said, you cant go wrong with glitters ! and navy blue is a big colour. with the mesh inserts, very elegant!

Chrissy Teigen  - MILF alert ! sexy dress with the side cut to show her long leg. basic dress yet very elegant paired with the gold jewelry and lace up shoes.

Also, can't forget about our host Gigi Hadid ! what a bombshell 💣

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