vendredi 14 décembre 2012


i've been away for awhile, but now i'm back :) i have a semester off, so i think i will have plenty of time ! i will try to post once a week at least... and for today, i have a haul of clothes i bought since th elast month !

i have to say i am obsessed with skulls, leather& studs, so right now, my closet is fullllllll of it !! 

this cool galaxy skull tank is from simons, got it for $18 !

second item is these nice leggings ! i have never been SOOOO comfortable in some pants to be honnest, they are awesome! they are high waisted as well, so it makes them 100x cooler !

this (pic under) is the print on it, a snake print !

perfect dress right here, from sirens, $32! it's long, and the top in in leather fabric.
it is so sexy but chic at the  same time ! i will probably wear it for christmas at my moms :)
i love the look she gives me. it's awwwwwwwesome

this dress, is nice too ! it is reallt reaally sexy though, i wouldn't wear it at a family dinner lol. it as sheer in front as well as in the back so it shows a lot of skin! you can't wear a bra with it though, but i have really small boobs si it's fine haha. i will wear it for my birthday, which is on new year's eve :) yeah, i was almost a new year baby lol. and could wear it to go in a club or something like that too ! i got it from sirens, $16

 got this t-shit from simons, it was on sale for $12 :)
i love studs ok

this might be one of my fav apparel right now. skulls over skulls over skulls
its perfect ok. i wear it too much,... idc. with my leather paants it's just perf. it
was $20 i think, at sirens ! i don't usually go there cause it's not my type but
their new collection is beautiful ! (not everything but yeah haha)

 last, but not least, this awesome shirt. it as studs on the collar and it just looks perfect. it is cropped, so you need to wear it with high waisted pants, or you can wear it open, with a normal t-shirt or tank top underneath ! it was $25 at sirens, again haha !!

thanks for reading lovelies <3 
xoxo roxie

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