samedi 22 décembre 2012


Hello ladies, so we're in this time of the year where we have to be well dressed, because it is christmas :) !!!! i love the holidays and i love the be dressed elegantly. i have here a few ideas for christmas and or new year!

Simple but effective, the black dress ! it is really chic and sexy ! every girl has her classic black dress in her wardrobe, and i think that for christmas dinner with family it is really good. add some gold jewels and a cute handbag, and you're ready to go ! not hard to put together but so pretty :) 

the classic black skirt ! it is so beautiful. You can wear tighs if you want or if it is colder where you live. Add some cute matching heels and jewels. if you wanna be a bit edgy, wear a black leather skirt with a cute blouse. This one could easily be wore at a party or somthing like that! The other one, classic tight black skirt. it is so pretty i think on, it shows the curve and it's sexy ! with this leopard printed blouse, it's more elegant for a family dinner ! The last one, the maxi skirt ! i love them so much. wear a cropped top like this cute burgundy studded tank ! it is really beautiful :) maxi skirts are nice because, with heels, they make you look taller ! 

glitters !! those are festive and fits good with the holiday time ! a cute dress with a bit of glitters and some studded litas to add a bit of edge, perfect for a new year party ! the other dress is shiny and it is perfect for the holidays. with bright red heels and a cute black clutch, great outfit for a family or friends dinner !

if you wanna be more casual, you can wear pants ! the first outfit idea is for a day with your family where you  unwrap the gift and wanna be comfy ! a cute burgundy sweater (because yeah, this color is trendy and is christmas!) second one, cute but a bit more rockyish with the leather pants. A simple lace top and cute silver jewels would be awesome for a dinner with the girls ! Last one, also casual but with the black blouse with a studded collar it adds a bit of chic to the outfit ! 

that's it :) hope it will help you for the holidays ! 
xoxo roxie

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  1. Uuuugh, all of these are so lovely! I hope I manage to look this good for the holiday season ;)