vendredi 2 novembre 2012


hello :) this week was halloween, so i decided to show you how i dressed up ! i actually had 2 parties so i had 2 costumes :) they are quite simple and i bought nothing to do them !

first one, i wore on saturday night...

i was black swan :) i don't have a full picture of my costumes but it was quite simple, everything was in the make up ! i wore my leather skirt (which i showed in a recent haul from f21) and a simple black tank top! i added to it some black gloves and a feather 'boa' with black heels! for the make up, it was not that hard, but i still looked at a tutorial: that's it :)

second one on oct31st...

i was sandy from grease :) this one was quite simple. i wore AA disco pants (which i borrowed from my brother's GF and i absolutly need some) with a black tank, a gold bracelet, some yello heels (i didn't have red ones) and my leather jacket ! for my hair i curled them a bit, but they are pretty much like this naturally, and put a bobypin to keep the right side on the back ! i had my normal make up, with a bright red lipstick!

you don't always need to spend tons of money 
on halloween to be pretty and have a cute costume :) 
thanks lovelies, 
xoxo roxie

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